2013 Superlatives

by - Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Today is the last day of 2013. It is hard to believe that 365 days has passed since we welcomed this year! With that said, I want to share some of my favorites for the past year with you! When I think back on 2013 I will smile since I have had quite an amazing year! In 2013 I got married, became a certified Pilates instructor and traveled quite a bit. I have gotten to know myself a whole lot more and have started treating myself with respect and dignity and I hope you have as well! Here are some of my favorite things/experiences in 2013...




Day: June 1
Travel Destination


Experience: Wedding weekend

2013 was an amazing year for us Arnold's and I am looking forward to making 2014 even better! 
See you in the new year!

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