Arnold Adventures is Evolving

by - Friday, June 13, 2014

This is the one year anniversary of Arnold Adventures! Before, this blog was about me and my ramblings but after we tied the knot I wanted it to be more about us instead of just me. I feel that I have gotten side tracked this year and although it has been fun to explore new ideas I am excited to get back to the bread and butter of what I started this blog for....US! Arnold Adventures is a way that we can share things we truly love which include: travel, food, DIY, decor, living frugally and exploring the world right outside of our door. We're ready to get back to basics and share with you(or no one) who we are through this blog. This is supposed to be fun and I have lost that along the way! So cheers to a new chapter and I hope you come along for the ride because if it includes us then it will always have a funny story attached!

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