Sunday, July 20, 2014

VittleQuest: The Twisted Burger Company

We are so excited to kick off our journey into food with The Twisted Burger Company. It is only fitting that we start with reviewing a burger as we are both enthusiasts.  We got the opportunity to dine there a couple of weeks ago and couldn't wait to share our opinions. Twisted Burger is located in West Point, MS which is a little town about 25 minutes away from Starkville. West Point is a quaint little middle of nowhere town and we rarely go there unless we're traveling north to Tupelo. However we decided to stop in when we heard good things about this newish restaurant! 

West Point, MS
Upon arriving to the restaurant we noticed that it was in an old car service garage on Main Street. It has been totally redone inside to be made into a fully functional restaurant. As for the decor there it consists mainly of  SEC football flags and pennants that surround the restaurant. The place is small probably only accommodating 25 people maximum inside and it was quite busy while we dined.

Here are our individual opinions:

Twisted Burger makes a fine sandwich. There were about 10 burgers on the menu to choose from and all were $8 or under for a basket. They also offer special recipe burgers not on the menu which change often depending on demand and available ingredients. I'm a sucker for BBQ bacon cheeseburgers so I gave their Western a shot. The Western overall was very good. Aside from bacon, cheddar, and bbq sauce they had sliced jalapenos which gave the burger a great kick. The patty (all patties are mixed with beef and pork!) was very tasty as was the ample bacon. The sauce was a little weak - not very rich and kind of runny. Bun was nothing special, seemed kind of generic but that's ok. I really think the sandwich could have benefited from onions (raw, fried, or sauteed, I'm not that picky) and I may do that in the future (though it's a $0.50 upcharge). Hand cut fries were excellent. Reminded me a lot of Five Guys-style that are hot, crispy, and begging for malt vinegar. Twisted Burger had a pretty good bottled beer selection and prices were reasonable, just a couple of bucks or so. I had an Abita Andy Gator with my meal and it hit the spot. I'd definitely like to come back and try out more of their menu.

I really enjoyed eating at The Twisted Burger Company. The menu, although being only burgers, hot dogs, and a few other sandwiches, had plenty to choose from and you could tell that the food was made with care. I (just like Mike) ordered the Western. The patty, cheese and bacon were fantastic. The worst thing about the burger was the barbecue sauce. It was more like ketchup and really took away from the flavor of the burger. If they added a different barbecue sauce it would be such a delicious difference. The bun was okay, good but not great. However the fries were so good that I was almost too full from eating them to put a dent in my burger! The beer selection was pretty good, all bottled selections. Would I go back? YES. Would I try something different? YES. I definitely think this is a restaurant to give another shot. It was great and I look forward to dining there again!

The Western burger and hand cut fries
So there you have it, our first parlay into blogging about our food adventures. Who knows where this will take us in the future! We can only hope that it leads to delicious food and fun! 
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