Wednesday, August 13, 2014

VittleQuest: Restaurant Tyler

This week we are sharing another Starkville, Mississippi local hot spot, Restaurant Tyler. Restaurant Tyler is a huge proponent of the Eat Local movement and its menu reflects that ideology in serving exclusively regionally-grown fare. With that said the company has four unique restaurants/bars under it's umbrella in town. Chef Jonathan "Ty" Thames hails from the great state of Mississippi and is passionate about all things good food and it shows through the details in his restaurants and the quality you can see and taste in his food.

Here are our individual reviews:

BBQ Okra
Restaurant Tyler is a small, upscale restaurant right on Main Street in Starkville and is one of 5 places in town that has the triple dollar sign ($$$) rating from Urbanspoon. We had a gift card from our wedding for the restaurant and decided to spend this dinner on it. We didn't make plans for an appetizer but somehow we decided to wing it on the BBQ Okra. It was absolutely great. The okra was fried and dusted with smoky barbeque spices and served with a tangy remoulade dipping sauce that was fantastic. We both were raving over it! My entree was the Seared Duck Breast sporting an orange glaze, muscadine au jus, and set over roasted sweet potatoes and broccoli. This was my first time ordering anything duck-related (I grew up in the suburbs) and was very impressed. The duck itself was very moist, tender, and flavorful. I'll definitely keep it on my radar for future meals. All in all I really enjoyed our meal out. Restaurant Tyler isn't cheap, however their great food made it worth our while.

Seared Duck Breast
RT is a really good restaurant with high quality food and atmosphere and with that comes a not so economical price tag. However they do have times where it is more economical to dine as they have an $8 blue plate lunch daily and Sunday brunch. We usually partake in those times to eat here as the price for dinner is just a bit to much for us to regularly dine. As Mike said we had a gift card so we decided to splurge and that we did! We ordered the BBQ okra appetizer not knowing what to expect but we were both blown away. The seasoning on the okra and the remoulade style dipping sauce were phenomenal. This dish was a true wonder and will go down as one of the best things I have eaten in Mississippi. As for my main course I ordered the shrimp and grits. Now having hailed from the shrimp and grits state(South Carolina) my palette for the dish is extremely picky and judgemental. RT delivered a delicious dish with the shrimp wrapped in bacon, however I wasn't blown away by it. I would have to say that Huck's Place in Columbus really excels with their version of the dish and in a competition I would pick Huck's every time. For a small town like Starkville, Restaurant Tyler really is a gem and it is worth trying a time or two. If I had to recommend something it would be to go during lunch and get their catfish smothered in crawfish sauce. Your life will be changed!

Bacon wrapped Shrimp and Grits
Stay Tuned as next week we are reviewing a new restaurant in town!

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