Friday, August 1, 2014

VittleQuest: Stromboli's

Today we're going to share another one of  Arnold Adventures favorite foods which is pizza! Although we have been told by northerners(that shall not be named) that the south will never have real or even good pizza, we still seem to enjoy many different restaurants and styles of the controversial pie. 

Stromboli's is a Starkville staple with an enormous cult following and it is the textbook example of what can be referred to as a hole in the wall. If you ask any Mississippi State Alumni where they dine when they come back to visit it can be guaranteed that they say Stromboli's as one of their must eats. This place is rarely not completely packed and there are so many orders going out it's amazing that they can keep up with it all. You can rarely see the front of the restaurant as there are always tons of cars. These pictures were snapped on Sunday when it is closed. Stromboli's is located on University/Main Street within walking distance of downtown, the Cotton District and campus making it convenient for the students to get their fix. They serve pizza, calzones, strombolis and several appetizers mostly containing dough! This place is straightforward with what they offer which is a small menu which allows them to not sacrifice on what they do best which is their sweet, light, and airy dough that melts in your mouth!

The gas/service station that is located right next door has received a facelift with the removal of the old pumps to accommodate more parking for the restaurant. Recently some art has been installed(painted) on the service station as well. It is very odd artwork but it sure does make one stop and stare and if they were going for that then the artist definitely succeeded.

Here are our individual opinions:

Stromboli's is a small dive in Starkville and part of the "Big 4" local pizza restaurants along with Old Venice, Dave's Darkhorse Tavern, and the recently added Lost Pizza Company. Each of these restaurants offers their own unique style or interpretation of pizza: Dave's has the only Chicago-style deep dish around, Old Venice a more traditional Italian inspired, and Lost Pizza has a funky down-home Mississippi Delta feel, especially with an order of their tamales on the side. Stromboli's differs from all of the previous in that it's recipe for both dough and sauce is very "sweet", like nothing I've ever experienced before. Stromboli's is tiny inside with several tables (including one with an armchair) and graffiti everywhere written by guests over the years. There is also a back porch area for outside diners as well. Jen and I have been several times and have had excellent calzones and strombolis, although we've never gotten much of their pizza before. This trip we tried the BBQ  Chicken Pizza, consisting of pulled chicken, cheddar cheese, and BBQ sauce. Like I mentioned previously, everything about the pizza is "sweet" tasting. The crust is light, airy, and your teeth sink right in it. Slices are pretty small, even if you order a large. Pizza at Stromboli's comes with a cup of marinara (also sweet) which is perfect for dipping your crust in. The chicken and sauce was excellent. The only real minor flaw is that the toppings for this pizza are kind of sparse - I would like to see onions, peppers, bacon (or all of the above!) added to the pie. Still, Stromboli's is a town favorite and definitely worth trying. Get there early or be prepared to wait!

Stromboli's is one of my favorite restaurants in Mississippi and believe me I have eaten at A LOT of different restaurants here. Although it can be hard to get a table it is so worth it. I have enjoyed their calzones, pizza and several of the appetizers like the bread flowers(during Valentine's they make them heart shaped), rotel pizza sticks and even their desserts. For me their calzones reign supreme. On this visit we shared a barbeque chicken pizza. It was delicious as to be expected. I do agree with Mike that the pizza needed red onion and it would have been absolutely perfection. The sweetness of the crust paired with the robust sauce was amazing. Ask for extra marinara to dip your crust in. The marinara sauce is a bit runny but the bread just soaks it up and the combination of the two is satisfying. Go now and you won't regret it!

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