Nothing new...

by - Thursday, August 25, 2011

Not too much has been going on down here in Mississippi but I still feel as if I need to update as it has been a while. For the past few weeks we have not been doing a whole lot except for hanging around, with the exception of Mike's FL trip. We have had people over for an almost poker night, helped a good friend move :( and went fishing(Mike more than me). I did catch my very first Mississippi catfish that I am very proud of! I have also been trying to be more motivated to workout more and it was going well until some scheduling changes. I am going to have be diligent with my working out to achieve the results that I want! Nonetheless, the healthy lifestyle is going pretty well! I am down 26 lbs as of today for a total percentage of weight loss of 16.39% :) Life is pretty good and I can't complain. I am super excited for football season and my Gamecocks!! Hopefully I will still feel that way after a few games!

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