My name is Jennifer. I am a 32 year old southerner who has always been an adult. I am extremely responsible, a recovering perfectionist, and a lover of many things such as: COFFEE, good food(by good I do not mean fancy, I HATE tiny portions/weird sauces), reading, traveling, planning vacations, home transformations, and sunsets on my back deck. 

This is my blog but I would be remiss not to include my reasons for why I am who I am . My little nuclear family has given me a safety net and a great foundation on which I can cling to. My children are the delight of my life and I couldn't be more honored to be their mother. As for my husband, he is the talisman I cling to and take with me everywhere I go. He is my absolute favorite person I've ever met and he keeps me completely smitten with him constantly(even after 9+ years). We are a young family of four, just trying to navigate this crazy ride called life. 

The Arnold's enjoy traveling, eating, home improvement, and exploring the place we live and love!