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So yesterday while on a run during the most beautiful weather we have had here this year I realized that March 1, 2011 marked a very important day for me. It was the day I started taking control of my life and began eating with a purpose and exercising regularly. Now one year later I am 33 lbs lighter, down 4 pant sizes and am a new and improved person inside and out! I could not have done it without some very special people in my life. Mike for his constant support, praise and those compliments I need on the days where I don't feel so hot lol. Also for going along with all of the new foods and exercising with me as I could not have done this without my love! Ann Marie for her constant support throughout each day and keeping me sane at work! I have made an amazing life long friend/partner in crime through this journey! And finally to Meghan for her resilience during the end of last year she is a testament that you can do anything you put your mind to if you want it bad enough, she is an inspiration :) My family has given me praise and support as well from far away! And they feed me the bad stuff when I am home(which I am grateful for)! I am not going to lie, that picture above is pretty amazing to me. I can see so much of a difference I cannot believe it! I feel so proud in this moment I hope this feeling lasts forever! I am so glad I decided to put those two together so I can visualize it myself. Now I am kicking myself for not taking starting measurements(I was too embarrassed of course)! Here are some more pics from the last year and the journey that I have been taking! I will start with some before pics so you can see(and I can be reminded) of just where I came from! Bear with me because I made these a little larger so you can hopefully see them a little easier :)

Before Pic Christmas 2009
Before Pic Summer 2010
Here I was after losing 8 lbs
Same Day, Mike and I were celebrating one month of
healthy living with a cheat meal and a trip to Jackson
Fast Fwd to May 1st for Mike's
surprise Party
I think I had lost about 12 lbs here
Sallee Anne's Bachelorette Party
Myrtle Beach
Disney Trip May 2011 Down 15 lbs
Same trip...goofing off
Made my goal of losing 20 lbs for Sallee Anne's big day!! July 2011

Neshoba County Fair end of July 2011
Caught my first Mississippi catfish! August 2011
Trip to Auburn/The Andrew's Sept 2011
Trip to Oxford, MS Sept 2011
Spontaneous Disney trip! Was down about 27-28 lbs here.
Right after my birthday. End of Sept 2011
Another from that trip bc it was so much fun :)
Oct 15!! Such a special day for me. Not only were my Gamecocks
in town but I hit the 30 lb loss mark! Perfect day :):):)
Oct 29 First 5k with Mike and Meghan!! 
Same day as the race! Halloween Party!
Thanksgiving(Day after)
Getting the Arnold Christmas tree
Christmas 2011 I felt beautiful here!
Christmas in Miami
New Year's in St. Pete
Before our 3 year anniversary dinner! Feb 16, 2012

Those are just some of the memories I have had this past year. I hope to have many more in the year to come and I still have some things to prove to myself! I cannot wait to see what the near future brings for us :)

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  1. You are truly my inspiration, I have 10 lbs I want to loose, and your recent perseverance has me knowing I've got this! It looks like you are soaking up all the wonderful things I love in Mississippi, wish I was there doing them with you! <3