28th Birthday...Disney Style!

by - Friday, October 11, 2013

We spent my birthday at the Walt Disney World resort this year! Although it was a whirlwind trip, we had an amazing time. Every time we go it feels like coming home. Disney never fails to amaze me with the quality of the 'product' they have. There is no other company that is near to the same level of quality or caliber that they are. Granted, I may be a little biased. Mike and I did work there and met there, which shaped the rest of our lives in ways we could have never imagined. We have encountered many people that do not understand why we choose to do to Disney when we have no children. I love to explain to them that it is so much better and easier to travel there without a family in tow. Now granted I cannot wait to take a family one day, but with that said I will be SO glad that Mike and I went several times as DINK and got to experience what we wanted to while not being on anyone else's timeline. It was a very short trip and I was pretty emotional when we left as I know we won't be back for a while...but it will forever be a very important place for us Arnold's and we'll definitely be going back, again and again(if I have anything to say about it)! Here are some pics from our wonderful long weekend!

Great friends at Hollywood Studios

My favorite ride. Tower of Terror. You can see me in the back with my arms up!
Fun night at Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party!
Coolest plant at The Land this trip! Tomato.

Home Sweet Home!
Cool new spot at the Magic Kingdom! Rapunzel's Tower!
Amazing shot the husband took of me with his iPhone
If you would like to know any tips about traveling to WDW please do not hesitate to ask! I am no expert by any means but I would love to offer anyone my insight about traveling there and what you must not miss during your vacation

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