Hoover Dam

by - Tuesday, January 07, 2014

The time has come to finally share some of our Christmas vacation! Since we saw and did so much I will be sharing a little bit over a couple of weeks! 

We left Georgia on Christmas night to head out west and landed in Las Vegas around 11pm. For our first day I booked us a trip to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. As we set out on this tour it was the first time we had seen the desert since we had flown in under the cover of night. Lets just say it was amazing and it looked more like Mars there than we could have imagined. 

The first location on the tour was a stop off at the Hoover Dam. The Hoover Dam is located on the state line of Nevada and Arizona. There are actually two clocks flanking the dam showing the times in the different states. Just like everyone told me the dam appeared much smaller than it looks in movies and on television however, it was a sight to see. The rocks surrounding the canyon show the former water level which was so cool as you can clearly see where the water used to be as the rocks are white in color. There is a lot of history to read about the dam and how it was built back in 1933. We also made our way over the huge bypass bridge but you cannot see anything from the bridge because it is surrounded by concrete to shield cars from high winds. The Hoover Dam is a short trip from Vegas and if you're out there I highly recommend you to check it out! I am hoping to return and to take the Dam tour!

Our first desert view
The backside of the Dam
Visitors center
Walls of the canyon showing the former water level of the Colorado River
Overpass bridge

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