Pearson's Falls

by - Monday, September 22, 2014

Last weekend while we were out "Sunday riding" we stumbled across a great little find up in Saluda, NC. Pearson's Falls is located in the foothills of Western North Carolina off Hwy. 176 between Tryon and Saluda. This wildlife and bird sanctuary comprises 268 acres of native forest, granite, spring-fed streams and a moderate 1/4 mile trail to a 90-foot waterfall. There are over 200 species of rare wildflowers and plants. There are also mosses, lichens, shrubs and trees in this glen, which is classified as a deciduous climax forest. Pearson's Falls is owned and maintained by The Tryon Garden Club.

There is a small fee to enter ($5 for adults) but we thought it was worth it as the park was very well maintained with nice parking. There is a short .25 mile trail you must take to see the falls but it was a nice leisurely hike for us. The trail was wonderful with a large winding mulch path upon entering. As you journey farther into the forest the trail does increase a bit in altitude and difficulty with steps and uneven terrain, however it was nothing that a healthy person/child couldn't handle. There are wonderful picnic areas along the trail and even one right near the falls that you can enjoy a nice meal. It was a cloudy day and we really felt as if we had escaped to the Pacific Northwest as everything was so lush and green. Pearson's Falls is a great little place not too far from Tryon and we recommend you give it a chance if you're in the area.

There is so much to explore just a few miles from home. We have been exploring a bit of Western NC as it is close but don't worry, we will be headed to many places throughout this wonderful state we now call home! Stay Tuned.

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