by - Monday, April 16, 2018

Þingvellir National Park is the place of national parliament of Iceland which was established in 930 AD.  It is a very popular place with tourists as it's located 40 km from Reykjavik. Mike and I read all about it and honestly it gets a bad rep on the interwebs. Honestly, because of some salty travelers I was not even looking forward to this day but WOW was I surprised. From the first lookout at the welcome center my breath was taken away. The park is vast and you can walk for miles and miles.

Here we saw the boundary between the tectonic plates and the largest lake in Iceland. The views were just amazing and there was so much to see. Take your walking shoes and camera. We had beautiful weather and captured some priceless images. The vistas are just spectacular!

You can actually snorkel in Silfra between the tectonic plates. Sounds awesome huh? It probably is but we decided not to do it as it takes about 4 hours and the maximum temperature in the summer is 36-39 F. So um...no! The water is very clear and you can see various fish just by walking along the bank so that was good enough for me. 

Make sure you find Öxarárfoss and bask in it's beauty. It's a small waterfall but the rocks surrounding it just take it to another level. We spent quite a bit of time here. There is now a boardwalk and benches to rest on as it is an uphill climb to get there. 

You will not be able to miss Þingvallavatn which is the largest fresh water lake in Iceland. It is massive and oh so clear. These vistas are incredible and I couldn't stop taking picture after picture!

Honestly you could walk around all day and not see everything here. It is a massive UNESCO World Heritage site and you should make sure you have budgeted time to visit here. Do not let the massive amount of tourists scare you or the negative remarks online. I enjoyed my time, much more than I thought I would! 

Looking back over these pictures I am reminded about Iceland's bipolar weather. The sky color is different in every picture just as it was in real life. The weather changes by the minute. You just need to always be prepared for anything!

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