Y'all, We Bought a Minivan

by - Monday, July 16, 2018

Yep... #neversaynever. Although my younger self is cringing a little, as I write this I am actually excited about our new family hauler. I mean it's HUGE(TWSS) and has so much space!  We can literally fit everything we need and more in here. When people visit we can actually all ride together! 

One of the main reasons I decided to pull the trigger is because hoisting my 25 pound toddler up into my SUV while holding my almost 23 pound 8 month old was ruining my back. At 4'11 I rarely use my height as a crutch but this was ridiculous. The first time Millie saw the van she climbed in it by herself. It was truly amazing. It was a parenting win. Also, our cup holders have cup holders! It also has a cool box to keep drinks or baby bottles cold while on the road! The amount of space will allow us to be able to haul anything we want without removing the car seats! That in itself is amazing. 

I said no for the longest time. However, after having Lucas I considered it more and more. I did say that I would only ever own the Odyssey and that's what we got! It's also hands down the nicest car I've ever owned. So with that said I am going to embrace this season of my life and own driving a minivan. I will not need one forever but for our family, right now, this was the very best decision. I can only imagine the adventures we'll take in this car!

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