Super Bulldog Weekend Part 2 and Fishing

by - Sunday, April 10, 2011

I love all things college football but I love nothing more than tailgating. There is nothing like getting up and heading out 7 hours before the game to just stand around and talk to people and eat delicious food. Oh and did I mention that its okay to drink outside in public? I am not a huge beer person but there is nothing better than a cold beer on a hot day! I know I am way too into this :) The weather was beautiful here in Starkville on Saturday. It was about  85 degrees and it made me think to myself is this really April? What am I in for this summer? Anyway, we had a wonderful time with some friends and enjoyed a nice day outside. The Maroon and White game was fun, but I missed the whole actual game day experience as there is usually a lot more going on. Side note: yes I did try my first crawfish. They were actually pretty tasty however I don't really care for eating things with the heads still attached. 

Sunday was a very eventful day. We ran outside for the first time and it went pretty well! Mike and I were both surprised at how much we actually enjoyed it. I am actually looking forward to my next run! We also went fishing at the Noxubee Wildlife Refuge where we had quite the adventure, but not before it took like an hour to get a fishing license. When we got out on the boat and went to bait our hooks we realized that we left the bait in the car back in Starkville. Then one of us(not naming names) hooked a tree and then accidentally knocked the rod in the water, but then we were glad that the rod was attached to the tree so we could save it! After a day of fishing with out even one bite we decided to call it done but then it took us about 50 tries to back the trailer down the ramp, as we are both new to pulling a trailer. After all this we were exhausted! Oh did I mention that I am sun burnt, like pretty badly? But we had a great time and that's what counts! I would definitely do it again. Here are a few pictures of the refuge and our day on the water.

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