Home Sweet Home

by - Friday, July 01, 2016

As of July 1st we have made it one full year in our house. It has been a HUGE year for us with the new house and baby so we have paced ourselves on our fixer upper but I think we managed to do a lot in a very small amount of time! Going forward we will be sharing our home progress here!

We are going to start with the outside.



The outside has not changed too much but in a lucky turn of events we did manage to get a new roof because of a terrible hail storm. We also outfitted the garage door with carriage fixtures. On one day during Millie's nap-time we backbreakingly lined the right flower bed with stones that we had a pile of in the back yard! It was a hard but free project that I think adds to the curb appeal. 


We do not have a before picture of the front porch. Here is the after. Not much has been done except for adding some Boston ferns, Adirondacks, tables and lanterns. The biggest transformation we made was paining the ceiling haint blue! If you're not familiar with this tradition you should look it up! We had the house pressure washed so as soon as the ceiling was dry we slapped on a coat of Benjamin Moore Polar Sky. We both couldn't be more pleased. It is a fantastic place to have a cup of coffee in the morning or a cocktail in the evening! 

We'll be back soon to share more of our abode!

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