2017 in Pictures

by - Sunday, December 31, 2017

2017 was a year to remember and to forget. It was personally the most difficult year of my life but also wonderful as I welcomed my son into the world. Even though it was a tough year we had a lot of fantastic experiences. Here are a select few of the memorable ones!

The year started off with a beautiful snow storm! 
Millie needed tubes in her ears :(
We had an amazing 80 degree day in February
Millie learned to walk!

We had a micro-burst and lost a huge tree!

First egg hunt

Baby announcement



Date night downtown

Kristin's wedding

Millie starting a new class at school

Friends visiting

Apple picking

Fall festival

Waiting on baby brother

Lucas is here!

First doctor visit

First Christmas parade

Roper Mountain Lights for the last time

First Christmas as a family of four!

Sweet brother and sister!

Happy New year! May 2018 be a MUCH better year! Cheers!

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