Blue Lagoon

by - Friday, March 09, 2018

I am finally getting around to writing more about our incredible trip to Iceland. Before our trip we did a lot of research about what we wanted to do and the must sees etc. The Blue Lagoon was kind of a mixed bag on the internet. We decided that we might as well do it since we're going to Iceland. It is definitely touristy(and being built up more and more) but I would say that it is a must do for your first trip to Iceland. We decided to take advantage of our early arrival and book the 8:00 AM Blue Lagoon visit which is the first of the day. This time was great as there was hardly anyone there. You'll quickly realize when visiting Iceland that NO ONE wakes up early. They stay up late and wake up late. As Americans, with children, we most certainly wake up at the crack of dawn everyday! The Blue Lagoon is pretty far out there so it's best to go on your way to or from the airport as it would take away too much of your precious time in Iceland otherwise!

We booked the cheapest package and brought our own towels from home that we had planned to just leave there. But the girl at the desk upgraded us for free and we got bathrobes and towels! I think she did because I was pregnant. We went and changed in our respective "locker rooms" which were the nicest locker rooms ever. Also, be aware that there are no private changing places. The showers do have doors but they are frosted glass. Europeans are less modest apparently. Also, you must shower before entering the lagoon. After a quick shower it was time to go in!! You can either wade in from the indoors or you can go outside where it's freezing and enter. We chose to wade in and it was fabulous. The warm water loosened our muscles and invigorated us after a long day of travel with a 5 hour time jump. Be aware that the silica in the water will wreak havoc on your locks so slather up with the free conditioner when you shower. I put a ton of it on my hair and swept it up in a top knot. My hair was perfectly fine afterwards. It is diffucult to take good quality pictures there because of the steam and of course water. We used our waterproof Nikon and not our Canon DSLR. 

The water is a wonderful shade of blue, which is a stark contrast to all of the black lava rock and the grey skies, but it is also opaque. I would not recommend wearing jewelry into the lagoon because if it falls off it is gone forever. You cannot see anything! The lagoon itself is huge! I asked a lifeguard how many people can swim at once and he said over 700. There are many different areas and depths. There is an awesome swim up bar where we ordered Skyr smoothies which are must have while there! Everyone is also slathering face masks on and we were no exception. Our skin was so smooth and hydrated! We were in there maybe 2.5 hours, but you can be there all day if you wish. After exiting the lagoon we both went back to the locker rooms and showered and I even dried my hair with the hairdryers they had to use. It had an awesome spa like feel and I was so relaxed. The Blue Lagoon also has a spa if that's on your agenda. I checked with my doctor to make sure it was okay to soak while pregnant. I was given the thumbs up as the lagoon has areas of differing temperatures. I would recommend getting out for a bit and cooling down and then go back in. Also staying hydrated is always important when expecting but it's especially important while in hot pots(what Icelanders call thermal pools).

We met more Americans than any other nationality. Iceland is becoming very popular with tourists and especially Americans. We met many Floridians which we struck up conversation with quite easily. The Blue Lagoon was such an interesting place and I am glad we visited. The water is so warm and inviting which is such a departure from the wind and cold that you experience in the Reykjanes peninsula! So If Iceland is on your travel bucket list then you should check out the Blue Lagoon at least once. If we went back I am not sure if we'd do it again. It would depend on time and money. It is not a very frugal experience but it is one that I do not regret.

Walking in. You get the full effect before even entering!

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